Staci Sterenberg

Staci Sterenberg is a Hermosa based artist residing in Chicago, IL. Her talent for art was evident at an early age, and she was encouraged to explore her creative tendencies. After completing her degree in Ceramics at Michigan State University, Sterenberg continued her artistic journey by developing a successful line of jewelry and home accessories made from polymer clay.

Sterenberg moved to Chicago in 1994, knowing a city like Chicago would increase her exposure, while also offering up new inspiration.

In 1997, she opened a boutique that featured her own pieces, as well as various handmade goods from local artists. She also married and ventured into motherhood. This change of lifestyle inspired Staci Sterenberg to share her love of art with children in an academic setting, and prompted her to take a position teaching Elementary Art at a North Side Chicago school, where she is currently teaching today.

In 2005, Sterenberg stumbled into the mosaic medium, and realized it was her true calling as an artist. The tactile nature and diverse materials provide a perfect palette for her desire to freely mix materials in which to create her own narratives that possess both beauty and a tongue in cheek sense of wit and whimsy.