Lindsey Meyers & Simone Garcia

Beauty & Art Brawn Gallery/Sinergia Arts is a full service online gallery and unique curatorial partnership offering art and experiential curation, including but not limited to:

  • Artist exhibition and project facilitation and management

  • Execution and installation of large works and murals

  • Art and event coordination and management

  • Event programming and production

  • Creative community outreach and communications

  • Social media and marketing activities

Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery/Sinergia Arts also acts as a referral service for clients in search of event venues/spaces.

Through  the implementation of new and non-traditional artworks and installations and innovative design and re-design solutions for interior and exterior art placement, we aim to enhance everyday environments by showcasing both highly recognizable and emerging national and international talents.

Collectively, we see each project through from conceptualization to installation, and have access to all available mediums, even those utilizing performative and interactive elements. With our combined experience of over 25 years in the field, we believe our carefully-crafted curatorial approach lends itself to creating interesting and yet uncomplicated spaces, where art, energy and design can seamlessly and effortlessly come together.

Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space was the brain-child of local artist, curator and gallerist, Lindsey Meyers, and opened as the first true art gallery in Logan Square. The gallery was originally conceptualized as a mixed-use and multi-disciplinary space that focused on art, community, connectivity, arts education, public art access and philanthropy. Lindsey and her partner, Simone Garcia, oversaw all gallery operations including: curation, exhibition facilitation, events, bookings and media related to the gallery, and they recently closed the physical space after an incredible six-year run in order to curate off-site projects and events for various clients and properties- locally, nationally and internationally.

Lindsey is an self-taught photographer and mixed-media artist originally from the Northeast suburbs of Chicago. She attended the Chicago Academy for the Arts and Columbia College, and received her Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from The University of Southern California. Lindsey is a member of the Chicago Ideas Week CIW Co-Op, the Co-Creator of Agassiz Elementary School’s Parent Art Co-Op and the Logan Square Arts Festival Art Committee Head, as well as an I AM Logan Square board member.

In the Fall of 2014, Lindsey participated in, sponsored and facilitated a mural by and with local artist, Rachel Slotnick, at the Logan Square Blue Line stop on behalf of Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space- the multidisciplinary art gallery she opened in March of 2012. She recently curated and facilitated five murals along the Wabash Arts Corridor for the first ever Big Walls Festival 2016, featuring work by nationally and internationally recognized artists, such as Eduardo Kobra, Marina Zumi, Ricky Lee Gordon, Tararchy and Morley.

Having recently completed his two + year curatorial and managerial position with 15th & West Gallery in Pilsen, Chicago, Simone is credited with orchestrating the largest indoor mural show in North America, entitled “Once Upon A Wall- Infinite Life”.  This unique narrative mural exhibition was born out of his desire to take that which is an often static format and create a structure where both audience and artist are drawn into engage with the art and concept more deeply. Working with a global group of artists, and in a variety of capacities, Simone focuses on projects that are nonlinear in content, setting and/or scope.  

Simone’s current position managing Sapient Nitro’s internal IT systems for their Midwest Operations (Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit) has enabled him to blend his creative ideas and highly refined technical skills into both the art and tech fields. With over two years of leadership and experience in this position, he lends solid insights into the importance and impact of maintaining a strong social media and digital presence, current trends and strategies, as well as provides an acute awareness in recognizing emerging talent, trends and systems. Simone’s capabilities also include handling efficiencies and process development in both creative and advertising environments.


Once Upon A Wall: Infinite Life, March 2016, 15th & West Gallery

Chicago's most talented and highly-recognized graffiti and street artists were asked to push themselves creatively by working collaboratively with one other artist on a specific theme of their choosing- the result being eleven "one off" and imaginative murals by 22 different talents. The  murals were presented as chapters - similar to those in the progression of life. These "chapters" encompassed the myriad emotions and experiences one has on the journey from creation to death.

SoHo House Chicago, April 2016

Vivian Maier Pop-Up Dark Room Event

Guests were invited to print a photograph from a Vivian Maier negative in a custom-made pop-up darkroom, as well as to participate in a panel discussion with Sandy Steinbrecher (Master Collection Printer), Jeff Goldstein (Gallerist and owner of a portion of the Vivian Maier collection), and Anne Zakaras (Project Manager).

Big Walls, May 2016 - In partnership with Columbia College and the Wabash Arts Corridor.

Participating muralists on behalf of Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery and Think Space include: Eduardo Kobra (Brazil), Marina Zumi(Argentina), Ricky Lee Gordon (South Africa), Morley (Los Angeles) and Tararchy (Chicago).

ACTIVATE Chicago with the Chicago Loop Alliance, June 2016

Mural curation for Lagunitas with Chicago artist, Caesar Perez

SoHo House Chicago, June 2016

“How To Fly A Drone”

Guests were treated to a viewing of Underscore Film’s “Homesick for Chicago” film, and gathered for an intimate conversation with Rick Wayne and Brad Johnson on art and technology. Attendees were also given the opportunity to participate in real-time drone flying from the SoHo House Chicago rooftop.

ACTIVATE Chicago, July 2016

Mural curation for Zipcar with Chicago artist, Anthony Lewellen

ACTIVATE Chicago, August 2016

Mural curation for Perrier with Chicago artist, Justus Roe

Additional art and experiential curation

SoHo House Chicago, September 2016

“Etch-A-Sketch” with Chicago artist, Jane Labowitch

Interactive artist workshop, presentation and discussion

ACTIVATE Chicago, October 2016 (Chicago Loop Alliance partnership)

Lead curators for the FIVE SENSES

SoHo House Chicago, November 2016

“Pan and Canvas”- A celebration of street art and street food where Chicago’s top chefs and artists came together to riff off of one another’s creations in an anarchic house party environment.

“Barrels for Murals with Chicago Distilling Company, November 2016

Beauty & Brawn, Sinergia Art and Chicago Distilling Company recently launched the “Barrels for Murals” in hopes of raising a minimum of $10,000 to facilitate and execute a large scale mural project in Logan Square during the Spring of 2017.

“Once Upon A Wall - The Details Series”, Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery, November 2016

Together, Garcia and Meyers chose to extrapolate the finer points in and of the vibrant and unique mural exhibition, "Once Upon A Wall: The Details Series", which was originally exhibited as “Once UpOn a Wall: Infinite Life”. Where Garcia initially focused on the narrative that each creative collaboration was telling as part of a whole, this re-envisioning of the show highlighted the technical aspects of the work with select panels from all eleven murals- breathing new life into the pieces and showcasing the innate talent of each contributing artist.

“L” VIP Preview Event, November 2016

Guests from the “L” Property in Logan Square were treated to an exclusive viewing of “Once UpOn A Wall - The Details Series”, in addition to a panel discussion with exhibiting show artists.

              “L” Property Street Art Bike Ride and Tour , November 2016

Beauty & Brawn and Sinergia art created a two-hour bike tour showcasing several art  locations in and around the Logan Square neighborhood. The spaces reflected a variety of artwork by a number of artists, and offered guests exclusive access to murals, installations and locations. Discussions at each location also provided guests with an overview of the spaces, as well as insights and awareness into highlighted pieces, artists and the importance of public art and community.

SoHo House Chicago, November 2016

“Prototyping Malt Whiskeys with Chicago Distilling Company”

Guests will brainstorm the flavor profile of Chicago Distilling Company’s next seasonal release and provide inspiration through sharing unusual bottles of craft beer.

SoHo House Chicago, January 2017

“Yarnstallation” with The Annex

Yarn bombing is playful guerrilla street art where instead of using paint or wheat paste, cozies are knitted for everything from bike racks to street signs as an unexpected gift to a neighborhood. Guests joined Yarnstallation founders, Cathy Turley and Sharon Trager, to and yarn bomb the Drawing Room of the house.

“L” Property Window Installation, January 2017

Local Chicago artist, Miguel Del Real, created a vibrant window installation in the common space of the “L” Property in Logan Square. Curation by Beauty & Brawn/Sinergia Arts.

SoHo House Chicago, February 2017

“Exquisite Corpse Drawing Rally and Rare Beer Swap”

Guests joined Beauty & Brawn/Sinergia Arts and local Chicago Chef Won Kim of Kimski for a drawing rally and rare beer swap, featuring a tasting and presentation by Twisted Hippo Brewery. Attendees were also treated to an Exquisite Corpse exhibition curated by Robert Stevenson, featuring ten collaborative scrolls by artists such as: Aaron Wooten, Chris Silva, Lauren Feece, Anthony Lewellen, Sonam Tsering, Robert Stevenson, Paul Africa, Tony Alcatraz and more.


Muddy Waters by Eduardo Kobra - Photo ©Sandra Steinbrecher 2016