Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery/Sinergia Arts - Lindsey Meyers & Simone Garcia

Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery/Sinergia Arts specializes in works which offer a socio-psychological perspective to the viewer. Through art and experiential curation, we showcase artists whose philosophies examine, encourage and ultimately connect the emotional experience to human existence.

We are committed to supporting creatives working in all artistic disciplines and across all genres, as well as those at various career levels. We are also proud to sponsor public art projects that we feel are innovative and unique- those which perpetuate and contribute to the dialogue about art accessibility and art in an open landscape.

Our mission combines our passion for all things art, arts education, philanthropy, and community engagement. 

Most importantly, we believe art is for everyone.

Beauty & Art Brawn Gallery/Sinergia Arts is a full service online gallery and unique curatorial partnership offering art and experiential curation, including but not limited to:

  • Artist exhibition and project facilitation and management

  • Execution and installation of large works and murals

  • Art and event coordination and management

  • Event programming and production

  • Creative community outreach and communications

  • Social media and marketing activities

Beauty & Brawn Art Gallery/Sinergia Arts also acts as a referral service for clients in search of event venues/spaces.

Through  the implementation of new and non-traditional artworks and installations and innovative design and re-design solutions for interior and exterior art placement, we aim to enhance everyday environments by showcasing both highly recognizable and emerging national and international talents.

Collectively, we see each project through from conceptualization to installation, and have access to all available mediums, even those utilizing performative and interactive elements. With our combined experience of over 25 years in the field, we believe our carefully-crafted curatorial approach lends itself to creating interesting and yet uncomplicated spaces, where art, energy and design can seamlessly and effortlessly come together.


Right now:


Beauty & Brawn/Sinergia Art and Chicago Distilling Company recently launched “Barrels for Murals” in hopes of raising a minimum of $10,000 to facilitate and execute a large scale mural project in Logan Square during the Spring of 2017. The barrels have been painted by some of the top artists in the area and they are now UP FOR SALE!

Barrels can be purchased through our Collector's Shop. All proceeds go towards the mural project:

Please contact us for more information:

Artist line-up:

Katie Meuser
Del Real
Marco Miller
CHema Skandal!
Danny Sobor
Jay Jasso

Zor Zor Zor

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