UpcomingMishmosh Mixed Media (3-6)

Ideas start somewhere and everywhere. Emotions and experiences facilitate ideas, and different materials facilitate creating unique works of art. Who says you can’t mix and match texture and shape? Why not glitter your glue or draw on a dress? This series focuses on taking various available materials and simply going with the creative process and (more…)

UpcomingIt’s a Beautiful Day

Every child holds a place in a neighborhood, and every child has feelings about being in such a place. We will guide the children through exercises promoting self-reflection, and focus on understanding and relating the internal self and the creative self to the surrounding community/world. Class projects are based on various art forms, including sketching, (more…)

UpcomingSketch to Street (6-12)

Event Phone: 773 772 9808

Art & movement are the perfect pair- a creative kind of peanut butter and jelly or pancakes and syrup. All you need to sketch is a notebook and a pencil. All you need to groove is your own two feet! This class will be combination of drawing and concept origination, and break dancing & flexing (more…)